I suspect Sunday River is her favorite for sure.
She’s blatant about it.

Have you watched her do it?
She does it snowstorm after snowstorm.
Every time, you can see her play-by-play.

It goes something like this.
She harnesses the snow energy atop Mount Washington.

Then sherpas her mother load straight past Wildcat Mountain.
I suspect this miffs them year after year.

She exits New Hampshire towards Maine.
She is sucking up all the moisture along the Androscoggin River en route to Bethel Maine.

She sees the magic hole to get to Oz.  And a bangs a left due North.
Knowing the magic hole, it is her pathway through the notch.
Its the notch between Jorden Bowl and Goose Eye Mountain.

She high tails ass through the notch knowing she’s all most home.
Snow is flyin’ in every direction as she comes whipping around the corner into Jorden, then Oz.
Its looks equivalent to rain coming across the lake in the summer.
Then she dumps the mother load.

It is as if she put Sunday River Ski Resort in a snow globe, and is shaking around as she dances about Sunday River.

It happens every time.

Ask a local Sunday Ripper.
They’ll say it is so.

Better yet, come up and see for yourself.
You will never forget it.

It many ways, it feels like SkiTopia.

Rumor has it Mother Nature has a big crush on Snow Giants at Sunday River.
They seem to ignore her and keep blowing Giant Dumps right through her visits all season long.

Written by luxeexperiences • October 27, 2019
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