Shhhhh. It’s still a secret.

The industry today is broken here in these parts of western Maine.
The business model broke.
It is fraught with issues.
They are snowballing.

Today’s property rental management agencies have very dated business models.
It is not a sustainable business model for property owners.
Managers know it.  Owners do not.  Yet.

Innovation is coming. A new business model focused on the property owner’s success.

A business model to:

Maximize the property owner’s profitability.
Maximize the owner’s portfolio growth.
Differentiate with lasting competitive advantages over time. Minimize undue financial risk and exposure.

A business model founded and designed upon financial transparency.  

Since 1988, I’ve been surrounded by new business model strategies.
New models that launch new brands, new categories, and new industries.
I see-change in the property rental management business in the short years ahead.
The change coming is a massive shift.
You can bet the farm on it.



Written by luxeexperiences • October 27, 2019
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