Where is the best early season skiing?

Sunday River Resort.
They have Snow Giants.
SnowMakers at other mountains are mere mortals.

Early season skiing at Sunday River?

Their Snow Giants are blowin’ like a Nor’ Easter.
They can’t stop.
Won’t stop.
And go non-stop.
And this goes on all-season…
Giant dumps.

Even before you stuff Tom, slice him up… and then snap-a-wish for a snowy winter…
Snow Giants are dumping it everywhere.
Legit. Carve it up snow.
Rip turns snow.

Snow Giant Fun-Fact:

Listen closely and you can hear the Snow Giants chanting at night as the air temps drop.
It’s so sick.

I wish they’d invite my wife to a snow chant.
She snow chants all day long…
About Giant Dumps.
She is a smidge overly enthusiastic… but actually quite good.

Written by luxeexperiences • October 25, 2019
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