Consider Sunday River Tip# 2…
This Thanksgiving,
instead of carefully wrapping all the leftovers in tin foil…
just to toss out a week later…
Hit the first chair.
Carve turns at Sunday River all morning long.
Ski on over for a super chill Thanksgiving feast at Camp.
Camp restaurant is the Summit Hotel.
If  your early season ski legs are toasty by then…
just start listing right at the bottom of White Heat.
You can get there from there.
It’s the quintessential restaurant in Maine for Thanksgiving dinner
Stuff your face.

Then ski-on back to SkiTopia with your family of 30.

No need to push it.
Hop into the sexiest hot tub in Sunday River with the twins you met a Camp.
Then head to the snuggle-sesh watching  the college bowl football games on a 90-incher.
Wake up and repeat.

Right?  Sunday River Tip#2 is Legit…Right?
Especially the carve turns into Camp for lunch and meet new friends part huh?
No joke.
Tip #2 happens…

Reserve the Best Thanksgiving Restaurant in Maine.  Right here.
See you there.

Written by luxeexperiences • October 25, 2019
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