SkiTopia is not a rental house for napping.

However, it does have a heavenly spa.

SkiTopi sleeps, 32 people.

It is at the Sunday River Ski Resort in Maine.
You can rent it.
And it is new.

You can:
Try out all ten bathrooms.  Lol.
Access the trails 30 feet past the driveway.
Shake it to the jukebox in the Barcade.
Chunky dunk into the hot tub 15-at-a-time.
Detox your body in the not so small sauna for 15.
Have a feast.

Watch the Super Bowl on biggest TV around Sunday River Resort.
The size of the sectional is 14′ x 14′ x 14′.

Have you seen the dining room table?
It is so cool.  Our friend made it from old shipping crates.

SkiTopia has the Jungle Bunk room too.
Ask me to see the picture of this.  It is so cool.

There is no ski house like this to rent at Sunday River Resort.
It is one of a kind.
It is too much fun to nap.
Take a siesta on the way home.  (Inside joke)

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Written by luxeexperiences • October 23, 2019
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